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Welcome to the podcast page for the Outdoor Magazine radio show.  

Sep 29, 2019

First, “Whitetail Whisperer” John Eberhart joins me. John has 50 bucks in the record books and is known as one of Michigan’s best deer hunters. He has some interesting thoughts on hunting pressured whitetails and some good advice for early season bowhunters.

Then Keil Jorgenson of Woods-n-Waternews talks about...

Sep 29, 2019

Hour two kicks off with Mike Horswill from Jay’s Sporting Goods. Mike is an expert when it comes to processing venison and has some great advice on getting the most from your whitetail.

Then “Pure Michigan Hunt” winner John Murphy talks about his fall bear and elk hunts.

Sep 29, 2019

We’re talking walleye fishing in Hour 3 with Lance Valentine of Walleye 101 and Teachin Fishin. Lance explains why fall is a great time to target trophy walleye and has some tips on how to catch them.

We wrap it all up with Chef Dave Minar. This week Dave has a very nice grouse...

Sep 22, 2019

Popular TV host Jimmy Gretzinger of Michigan Out of Doors TV is my first guest this week. Jimmy talks about infighting among hunters and the need to stay committed to deer hunting in Michigan, despite the bait ban and CWD situation.

Karl Ieuter of the Ieuter Insurance Group is up next with some great advice on...

Sep 22, 2019

Jeff Poet of Jay’s Sporting Goods kicks off the second hour. Jeff has the story of a recent hunting adventure in northern Alaskan where he killed a trophy moose.

Then, we talk about the Michigan Wildlife Council and the “Here for Generations” campaign to promote hunting and fishing.

Jeff Larsen of the...