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Welcome to the podcast page for the Outdoor Magazine radio show.  

Jul 25, 2021

We kick off this week’s show talking about food plots with Nick Percy of Killer Food Plots.

Then, Ted Harpham from Darton Archery unveils part of their fall lineup.

The hour wraps up with Elliot Shafer of the Michigan...

Jul 25, 2021

We’re talking Lake Michigan salmon fishing in the second hour with Captain Paul Schlafley of Riverside Charters in Manistee.

Next, Mark Monroe from the Michigan DNR‘s Forestry Division talk about timber sales and clear cuts for wildlife.

He sticks around for this week’s “Ask Avery” segment to talk about the...

Jul 25, 2021

Trolling is the topic in the final hour as I talk with Nick DeShano of Off Shore Tackle. Nick explains why trolling is so productive and then describes some of their more popular products.

We wrap it all up with Chef Dave Minar.

Jul 18, 2021

We kick off this week’s show with tournament angler and fisheries biologist Ali Shakoor. Ali talks about his recent win on the professional walleye tournament trail.

Then, Tom Campbell of 

Jul 18, 2021

Captain John Littlefield is featured in the second hour this week. John talks about recent fishing adventures on Lake Superior with his Angler Qwest.

Nick Green of MUCC is up next with an update out of Lansing.