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Welcome to the podcast page for the Outdoor Magazine radio show.  

Sep 26, 2021

We’re kicking off fall this week on Outdoor Magazine.

First, Jim Felgenauer of the St. Clair Chapter of Sturgeon for Tomorrow talks about their tremendous fall fishery.

Then Jason Garvon of the Michigan Wildlife Council talks about the new campaign that kicks off in October.

The hour wraps up with Tom Campbell of 

Sep 26, 2021

Hour two features Corporal Ken Lowell from the Michigan DNR. He has advice on how to stay safe and legal this hunting season.

Then MUCC‘s Nick Green talks about their annual convention and the process for approving policy.

Sep 26, 2021

Trapping is the topic in Hour three this week as I talk with Ken Burzynski of the Michigan Trappers and Predator Callers Association.

Sep 19, 2021

We kick off this week’s show with “Mr. Angler Qwest“, Brad Dupuie. Brad talks about their new lineup for 2022.

Then, Scott Szfranski from Linwood Beach Marina says it’s time to think about getting your...

Sep 19, 2021

Jerry Wydner of The Hunter Safety System is featured in Hour 2 this week. His company has changed the way treestand hunters look at safety.

Michigan DNR Biologist Tom Cooley is up next. Tom talks about diseases in whitetail deer.

This week’s “Ask Avery” segments answers a question about repeat Outdoor Magazine...